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Angle Customization. Get a precise clean every time.
Pressure Customization. Enjoy back and front wash at your preferred comfort level.
Self-Cleaning Nozzle Mode. Takes care of the dirty business for you.
Backside Certified. Get the same sparkling clean feeling that all ClearRear products provide.
• Fits nearly all toilet seats
• Requires no electricity or plumbing
• Box includes everything for a convenient installation
• Installs 15 minutes or less

Thrilled Customers

Americans ♥ Clear Rear: Here is what they think about Clear Rear’s hygienic cleanse:


This has quite literally changed my life.I don't even want to poop away from home anymore. This thing is fantastic! Who knew something so simple could so radically change my quality of life. Wow!

Adam H.

My Best Buy of the year
I have to say this is one of the best products I have purchased very easy to install it works wonders, it took some time to get used to it but now I feel lost when using a bathroom with out one

Jose V.

Bought 3 and received them in just a few days. The quality is better than expected and what amazes me is installation is so easy and everything that I needed came with it. I didn’t have to purchase anything else to make the installation. All the hardwares are there. And by the way, I plan on buying more and give it as a gift. Bottom line is I am more than satisfied with my purchase.

Robert S.

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